No Darkroom? No Problem! Get the LI-COR® C-DiGit® Western Blot Scanner !

C-DiGit Blot Scanner - a Compact Personal Chemiluminescent Imaging System
Are you doing chemiluminescent Western blots? Have you ever found yourself with a blot that is ready to image, but the darkroom is busy or the developer is broken?

FINALLY, image at your convenience. Keep your C-DiGit Blot Scanner on your lab bench, at your desk, or anywhere you choose (look left and see just how small and portable the C-DiGit Western Blot Scanner really is!). It can truly be YOUR personal chemiluminescent Western imager!

The C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner maintains the simplicity of film exposures without the mess of the darkroom. You perform all of the same steps, without buying film and spending time in the darkroom. The C-DiGit Scanner gives you a complete digital replacement for film – keeping the advantages of film and eliminating many of the drawbacks – saving you time AND money!

Watch this short video and then visit our website to get your very own C-DiGit Blot Scanner!

FREE Western Blot Analysis Software from LI-COR® – Image Studio Lite!

FREE Image Studio Lite Software Download - Western Blot Analysis
Image Studio™ Lite is Western blot analysis software that is compatible with most image files and systems and is available as a FREE download from the LI-COR website.

Just fill in the form and you will receive an email with a link to your Image Studio Lite download (Mac® and Windows® versions available). Get up to speed quickly by watching the short tutorial videos and learn about all of the features and functions of Image Studio Lite.

With this free Western blot analysis software, you can:

  • Import images from numerous sources
  • Adjust brightness/contrast
  • Define bands using shapes tools
  • Obtain relative fluorescent units for shapes
  • Export images and data
  • Create lab notebooks

What can you do with Image Studio Lite? Find out in this short introductory video!