Give the Gift of Quantitative Western Blots and Be the Hero in Your Lab this Holiday!

Do you want to be the hero in your lab this holiday season? Watch this video and find out how! (Check out the bloopers at the end of the video!)

Give the gift of quantitative Western blots and your lab will love you for it!

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Happy Holidays from LI-COR! May all your research wishes come true!

Video Infographic: The Fall of Film and Its Effect on Your Western Blots

Watch the video below to see how the past 23 years have contributed to the volatility of the photographic film market, and to show why the availability of film for your Western blots may be at risk.

Solution – Switch to Digital Imaging for Chemiluminescent Western Blots

Solution – Switch to Infrared Detection and Quantitative Western Blots on LI-COR® Odyssey Imagers

Read our previous blog posts to find out the full story behind why the future of film for life science research may be in peril:

Cost of Film Raw Materials Keeps Rising. . .Is Western Blot Film Imaging Worth the Cost?

Film Imaging Examples for Photography, Dentistry, Medicine, and ResearchAs the cost of raw materials for medical x-ray film manufacture rises, so does the cost of a box of film.

So, how has the price of raw materials changed over time?

Basically, the cost of

  • Silver has increased nearly 10-fold in the last decade.
  • Crude oil has tripled in the last decade.

In turn, this has caused several successive price increases to be passed along to the consumer – you.

Rising costs of manufacturing filmNot only is the cost of materials affecting the future of the film you use every day, but it’s also having a dramatic effect on the move to digital imagery in other industries, including:

  • photography,
  • dentistry,
  • and medicine.

The most dramatic influence has been in the photography field. The quick movement from film to digital imagery in this arena has influenced decisions about the use of film in the dentistry and medical industries, which in turn has effected the decisions of manufacturers to continue providing a product that is seeing a steady decrease in demand.

Check back on this blog for an infographic detailing the rising costs of raw materials and the rising costs of film. Also, see how the changes in market trends have affected some of the biggest film manufactures worldwide.

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