Introducing the NEW Odyssey® CLx Infrared Imaging System!

The Best Just Got Better!

Western blotting and the Odyssey CLx
Placing a Western blot on the New Odyssey CLx Imaging System

We at LI-COR are SUPER proud to introduce the new Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System. It’s the next generation Odyssey Imager – you know, the one that’s been the industry-leading quantitative Western blot technology for over 10 years!

The Odyssey CLx retains ALL of the application versatility and functionality of the Odyssey Classic. PLUS it now uses a great new software to get you and your lab up and running fast. . .so you can image all of your near-infrared fluorescent data and PUBLISH!

Image Studio™ Software is an extremely simple and easy-to-use imaging software. It is compatible with Odyssey┬« CLx and Odyssey Fc Imaging Systems.

  • Easy to use – training for new users is fast and simple
  • Intuitive, application-driven ribbon interface
  • Includes nine different types of analysis, including Western blots, DNA gel documentation, and small animal imaging