Export Data and Print Lab Reports from LI-COR® Image Studio™ Lite Software

WOO HOO! You are done analyzing your Western blot data with Image Studio Lite. SUPER JOB!!

Now, I bet you want to export your data and create a lab report to give to your boss, right? Image Studio Lite offers the ability to export data for use in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel – and this video tutorial will walk you just how to do this.

In this last video tutorial, you will learn how to print a lab report from Image Studio Lite software. You can create standardized or custom lab reports (add your institution logo, lab name, etc) that can be shared with colleagues — and your boss! — or used to create daily research logs.

If at any time you need a refresher on how to use this free Western blot analysis software, you can view all of the tutorial videos and access all the support documents on our Image Studio Support page.

Image Studio Lite – A Dream Come True, Without the Unicorn