Set the Background and Adjust the Image Appearance in Image Studio™ Lite

Glad you asked! 🙂 So, you’ve started your Western blot analysis in Image Studio Lite. Great! (For a refresher, see Using Image Studio Lite, the Free Western Blot Analysis Software – Image Display and Analysis.) But what about setting the right background subtraction method? Hum. . . . .well, this short video tutorial will walk you through exactly how to do this.

Background subtraction method selected – check!

Okay, next you might want to adjust your Western blot image appearance. This can be done by using the Brightness/Contrast slider located on the right hand side of the screen. This quick video tutorial also shows you how you can do more advanced adjustments by using image Lookup histograms or Lookup tables.

Wow! Your Western blot image analysis is looking pretty darn good! Great job!

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Next up – exporting data and printing lab reports.

To see all of the tutorial videos and support documents, visit the Image Studio Support page.

Image Studio Lite – A Dream Come True, Without the Unicorn

Create a Work Area and Import an Image into this Free Western Blot Analysis Software

In this series of posts, you will discover how easy it is to use Image Studio™ Lite. This free Western blot analysis software from LI-COR® allows you to easily create your own work area and then import images from numerous sources. So, if you have an old film scan, or an image from another chemiluminescent Western blot imaging system, try using this free Western blot analysis software. In subsequent posts, we will talk about the other functionalities of Image Studio Lite.

The first video in this post will show you how to open Image Studio Lite software and create a work area. (If you need to find out the installation requirements for Image Studio Lite, see the 17-Jul-13 Post, Computer Requirements to Get Started with Free LI-COR® Image Studio Lite Software).

This second video walks through the steps needed to import an image into Image Studio Lite. Image Studio Lite analyzes images in the tif, png, or jpeg format as well as images acquired with past versions of the Odyssey® or Pearl® imaging systems software.

Download FREE Image Studio Lite Western Blot Analysis Software from LI-COR and get started right away! (Bonus points for telling your friends about it too! :-))

Image Studio Lite – A Dream Come True without the Unicorn!

Computer Requirements to Get Started with Free Image Studio Lite 3.1

Image Studio Lite - Free Western Blot Analysis Software from LI-CORImage Studio™ Lite 3.1 is Western blot analysis software that is compatible with most image files and systems and is available for FREE download from the LI-COR website. Here are 3 short videos that will get you up and running quickly with Image Studio Lite, whether you have a Mac®-based system or a Windows®-based system.

For additional video tutorials and support documents to optimize your use of Image Studio Lite, visit our Image Studio Lite Support page.

Haven’t downloaded Image Studio Lite 3.1 yet? Do it now – and tell your friends about it, too!