What is the Future of Film Use for Western Blot Imaging?

Western Blot and Hand X-RayX-ray film is a researcher’s Western blotting staple. Chances are you, and many others like you, rely on photographic film to generate results every day. But did you know that the future of this historical technology is being threatened?

Without warning, several modern day innovations have begun to impact its availability. We’ve gathered the facts, and put together some startling information on the future of film.

It’s not clear exactly how long we have until photographic film becomes obsolete, but factors such as:

  • product demand
  • the price of raw production materials, and
  • the decisions of manufacturers

will all have a significant influence on film’s future over the next several years.

Follow the next six blog posts to learn how the three factors above have and will influence the future of photographic film.

If you are starting to worry about film going away, find out about digital imaging for chemiluminescent Western blots or infrared fluorescent Western blots!