Normalization Is Critical for Quantitative Immunoblotting

Normalization Webinar InvitationFor more information on Western blot normalization, watch these webinars:

webinar-2-for-facebookInternal loading controls and normalization are critical for quantitative immunoblotting. An accurate loading control will display a linear relationship between signal intensity and sample concentration. An effective normalization strategy should correct for variability at all stages of the immunoblotting process, including the transfer of sample proteins to membrane. It should also be compatible with immunodetection of target proteins.

As researchers detect and interpret subtle changes in protein samples, accurate normalization is becoming increasingly important.

Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging SystemThe best normalization strategy is one that fits the context and biology of your experiment. No matter what normalization strategy you choose, an Odyssey® Imaging System can provide quantitative results.

Learn more from the full paper on normalization: Western Blot Normalization: Challenges and Considerations for Quantitative Analysis

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