Introduction to Maximizing Chemiluminescent Western Sensitivity.

How to Maximize Sensitivity on Chemiluminescent Western Blots ‑ Introduction


Listen to this introduction on "How to maximize the sensitivity of chemiluminescent Western blots".

Jeff and Jess discuss the choice of chemiluminescent substrates and the volume of substrate used and how these affect chemiluminescent Western blot sensitivity.

In the full version of this tips video, these additional topics are discussed:

  • Placement of blot on film or imager
  • Freshness of your Western blot (i.e., time since the substrate was added)
  • Did the blot dry out before the chemiluminescent signal was captured?
  • Sequence of imaging methods - which should be performed first after substrate addition?
  • Length of acquisition time
  • Temperature of chemiluminescent substrate when used
  • Incubation time of blot with substrate
  • Substrate concentration

Watch the full, 13-minute version of 'How to Maximize Sensitivity on Chemiluminescent Western Blots' now.

Learn more about chemiluminescent Western blots and LI-COR chemiluminescent Western blot imagers.

  • Speaker(s):

    • Jeff Harford
      Sr Marketing Product Manager
      LI-COR Biosciences

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