Free Western Blot Analysis Software. LI-COR Image Studio Lite.
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Image Studio™ Lite

A Dream Come True,
Without the Unicorn


Free Image Studio Lite

If you are using alternative "open source" lab software (e.g., ImageJ) to analyze your Western blots, you will appreciate the simplicity you get using Image Studio Lite!*

Check it out. See how easy it is to do some common analysis tasks below. Then, download a copy for yourself!

With Image Studio Lite Software*, you can:

Image Studio Lite is used for basic Western blot analysis, but does not operate your LI-COR instrument. Please see this table for more information.

* Please note: Although Image Studio Lite is a freely-available software from LI-COR®, it should not be considered open source nor should it be distributed by any other entity. Please read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for more details.

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