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LI-COR Environmental
Soil Flux Pro Screenshots

Easily view, graph, edit, and recompute soil gas flux data.

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New Light Sensors


Light Sensors

Water shedding design

Interchangeable heads

Detachable base

Multiple output signals

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LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer

Plant Canopy Analyzer

Any Sky

Cool Maps

Increased Accuracy

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New GPS accessory for mapping CO2 concentrations and fluxes.

Cellular Communications

Check your flux station from your office, home, or on the go.

Eddy Covariance Station
with Cellular Communications


View Results/Download Data

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Photosynthesis Leaf Fm′ with LI-COR's new Multiphase Flash™ Fluorometer

New Accurate Fm′ with the Multiphase Flash™ Fluorometer

Is your Fm′ accurate? An innovative technique called Multiphase Flash™ Fluorescence estimates Fm′ more accurately than traditional methodology.

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The open path solution for methane measurements.

The open path solution for methane measurements.

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