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students using the LI-6400XT

“Myself, and my fellow biology classmates, are privileged to be able to work with such exceptional equipment to familiarize ourselves with the physiological workings of plants and to prepare us for further work in the field.”
— Undergraduate Research Student, University of North Carolina, Asheville, Karissa Keen

student using the soil chamber

“Students are excited to
use a research-grade instrument.”

— Acadia University, Ed Reekie

students using the soil chamber

“Helped stimulate minority students’ interest in biological and environmental studies.”
— Tennessee State University,
Dafeng Hui

students using the LI-6400XT

“The LI-6400XT has made concepts they [students] read in the textbook real. For example, they can see how plants really do respond rapidly to light conditions. It has made what they read and learn in the classroom relevant.”
— North Central College,
Christine Weilhoefer

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