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    I’m using EddyPro 6.2.1 to process 18 months of sonic anemometer data. My problem is that I need to output files every 24 hours. I’m selecting ascii plain text as my raw data, and I’m using an alternative file for my metadata. In the basic settings I’m specifying the raw directory path, which is a folder that contains daily folders with the raw data in it. I’m selecting the box ” search inside subfolders”. Then I’m running Eddy Pro in the advanced mode using the GUI. The run went just fine, it processed the right times and data, but it generated output files for the entire period (all the days together). How can I set up EddyPro to write output files every 24 hours? I was thinking that a solution could be to run EddyPro in batch mode using the eddypro_rp.exe( as it has been discussed in previous posts). Let’s say, loop through all the daily folders and run eddypro_rp.exe for each of them. However, in order to do this in an efficient way, I would need my project file, in my case, processing.eddypro, to update the path of the raw data directory as the daily folder changes (as I don’t want to create as many project files as number of daily folders) So my main questions are: 1) Is there an easy way to output files every 24 hour, 2) Can I pass in the raw data directory as an argument to the eddypro_rp.exe when I run it in batch mode. 3) How can I make sure that eddypro_rp.exe will run in advanced mode? Finally, if anyone has any suggestion on how I could solve this an an easy/efficient way I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Sebastian.



    If you are comfortable running eddypro from the command line, one solution would be to update the start and end date/time within the project file prior to each run. One would need to execute individual instances for each day to generate daily outputs. As far as I know, you cannot pass the raw data directory as an command line argument.

    I create automated daily outputs running EP on a linux-based server. I have a shell script that takes one argument (a date string). The script reads a template *.eddypro file and updates the fields for pr_start_date and pr_end_date. The template should specify all the corrections and processing options. Note that pr_subset should be 1. The pr_start_time could be updated also. If using linux, sed is a powerful tool for this operation. After this, the script executes EP using the new project file.

    I have a separate shell script to loop through multiple days.

    From the command line, there is no expressed/advanced mode. It will run whatever is specified in the project file. Note that some corrections will also require eddypro_fcc.exe to be run after eddypro_rp.exe.

    I’m just a user…not official info. Good luck.

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