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    1.How do I Output mean Diagnostic Value from GHG file to full output file in EddyPro 4.0?

    I can output the mean AGC value and the mean flow rate(as a test) to the full output file, by changing the settings in the metadata editor. However no matter what options I try for the diagnostic value I get the following errors in the output console:

    file(s): ..2012-07-20T233000_BFWET-AIU-0434.ghg

    Total No. of samples in file(s): 0

    Warning(10008): left samples (if any) not enough for an averaging period. Skipping to next file(s).

    Fatal error(35): Sorry, something went wrong. EddyPro was not able to process any raw file.

    Run will be closed without creating result files.

    I am assuming the Diagnostic value is not numeric?

    By using export from File viewer I have Diagnostic value on column 4, AGC column 26, Flow rate 27.

    2. Is there a way I could output the standard deviation to the eddypro_stats file for the AGC or Diagnostic value?

    Thanks in advance,

    Anitra Fraser



    Hi again Anitra,

    1. For addressing this problem I would need to look at your actual data. Please send me an email (gerardo.fratini@licor.com) including the “.eddypro” file as well as at least one GHG file, such as the one you report as an example. I will look at the problem and post the answer here.

    2. You should be able to get that by following this procedure:

    A) Unzip (e.g. using 7zip) any GHG file. Locate the “.metadata” file that gets extracted from the archive.

    B) In the Project Creation page, select the option “User alternative metadata file” and use the corresponding “Load” button to browse to select that metadata file.

    C) The metadata file editor should populate automatically. Go to the “Raw File Description” tab and, if it is not already so, explicitly define column 4 as “LI-7×00 diagnostic” (where “x” depends on the instrument model you are using) and column 26 as AGC (for the latter, you’ll have to type “AGC” in the variable name)

    D) In the “Output file” page, select the level of statistics you’re interested in.

    By doing so, you should get AGC stats (including standard deviation) in the files contained in the “eddypro_user_stats” subfolder created inside the selected Output folder.

    Note that the Diagnostic value is used in a different way. This integer number is the combination of several binary flags, and gets “exploded” by EddyPro into the individual components. In the “full_output” file, you will find the sum of the flagged values for each half-hour, for each binary flag. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: by following this procedure, you are instructing EddyPro to use an “alternative” metadata file (the one you load) to interpret and process all raw files. It is thus assumed that the station setup does not undergo relevant modifications (e.g. changing canopy height, changing deployment of the instruments) throughout the dataset that you are processing. Should you need to account for “time-dependent” parameters, please make use of the “Use dynamic metadata file” option.



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