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    Hello. I started the same topic in a different post. I’m running Eddypro in a windows machine to process 18 months of sonic anemometer data only.I need to create daily outputs and I’m trying to automatize the process with a batch file. One user told me that one solution could be to create a script that edits the processing.eddypro project file, specifically, the field pr_start_date and pr_end_date, and then to run eddypro_rp.exe. And then do another script that calls the previous script with the right day to process. I like this solution, but I’m not sure how I can edit the fields pr_start_date and pr_end_date without using the EddyPro GUI. This is, how to do that from a batch script and preserve the EddyPro native format of the project file. Thank you, especially to the user that replied my previous post. All the best.

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