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    I am a new EddyPro user and am trying to process my eddy covariance results using the software with the primary objective of measuring actual evapotranspiration. I have successfully run my data through EddyPro using the Express settings however, my field site is considered as complex terrain and the equipment was installed on a slope. I want to apply the ‘traditional’ Planar Fit Method to correct my wind measurements. I have adjusted the advanced settings to this method however, EddyPro has errors stating that I cannot run the advanced settings as I need to provide additional information about the wind sectors. I have looked through the literature regarding this method and the EddyPro manual but am not sure of what I should be setting these wind sectors as?

    Any help would be great.



    Hi Florence
    I found a reference to the sector wise planar fit method in the following article
    Note on the application of planar-fit rotation for
    non-omnidirectional sonic anemometers

    Here is a section from the Introduction, which refers to this

    “In many cases, however, the terrain
    structure is too complex to be levelled on a plane by a single
    planar-fit rotation. Finnigan et al. (2003) mention a dependence
    of the rotation angle on wind direction for such
    cases, which can be realized, e.g. by a sector-wise planar-fit.
    This has been proposed by Foken et al. (2004) and already
    adopted, e.g. by Ono et al. (2008), Yuan et al. (2011), and
    Siebicke et al. (2012)”


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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