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    Dear friends,
    I have an Eddy Covariance with Smartflux and when I try to see the output files I get this error message: ”
    Executing EddyPro

    Reading EddyPro project file: /home/licor/node-windmill/internal/model/runs/15199/eddypro/ini/processing.eddypro..
    Retrieving file names from directory:
    1 files found.
    Retrieving timestamps from file names.. Done.
    Warning(1001)> Invalid metadata.
    Warning(1001)> At least one among u, v, w and a fast temperature is missing.
    Fatal error(32)> No valid GHG file was found in the selected “Raw data directory”.
    Fatal error(32)> The problem could also be due to corrupted archives or invalid metadata files.
    Fatal error(32)> Program execution aborted.”
    I have been checking and I don’t know where I have to set the folders where the data is processed.
    Any clues?



    It sounds like the problem is with the sonic data or metadata. Can you open one of the .ghg files (unzip) it and see if the raw sonic data is captured correctly? Also can you check on the metadata file to make sure the sonic description is correct?
    If you continue to have problems send us an email at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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