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    Could you please help me understand why I don’t see any output of cospectra of 4th gas in the full_cospectra files? In the Output Files section of the eddypro, I have selected spectra of 4th gas and co-spectra of w/u, w/ts and w/4th gas. I see output for spectra of 4th gas but there is nothing regarding the cospectra of w/4th gas (not even title with error codes).

    For the same duration, I have also generated binned spectra and cospectra. In this case I do get outputs for both spectrum and cospectrum of 4th gas, however not always. In many cases for the whole 30 minute averaging period I just get errors.

    So in summary these are my questions:

    1) If I get binned cospectra for the 4th gas, why don’t I get full cospectra for the same data?

    2) What are the possible reasons for having errors in binned spectra and cospectra? Is it just the nature of my data or could it also be the way I have defined the spectra and cospectra calculations in eddypro GUI.
    Please let me know if you need more information.

    Thank you,

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