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Production of the Model 4300 has been discontinued as of January 1, 2014.
Service and support may become limited. Please contact your local sales office.


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Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP®) is a PCR-based genome survey technique used to identify polymorphic regions in the genome that can be used for genotyping individuals in populations with low genetic variability. AFLP® Analysis is commonly used for biodiversity or mapping research. AFLP® Analysis does not require knowledge of genomic sequence of the target organism.

The high sensitivity of infrared detection, combined with the proven analysis approach of SAGAMX software, allows for rapid and automatic analysis of AFLP® data. True gel images are accurately scored with SAGAMX, which automates the entire process from electrophoresis through highly accurate band scoring. The scientist has complete control over editing and binning directly on gel images.

For further flexibility with AFLP® research, SAGAMX stores data in a database, providing compatibility with widely used mapping and phylogenetics software. For downstream band extraction, the AFLP® workflow can be further optimized through integration with the Odyssey® CLx of Classic Infrared Imaging System for easy and accurate band extraction.

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