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Advantages of Near-Infrared

Computer windows with aflp data

The 4300 DNA Analyzer turns your samples into data by scanning 96-lane gels during electrophoresis. The two-color laser scanning system expands throughput to 192 lanes per gel by producing a separate gel image for each IRDye® infrared dye. Two sets of lasers and detectors eliminate errors due to fluorescence overlap by detecting the widely separated (100 nm) fluorescence from two different IRDye infrared dyes.

True gel images of the highest quality are generated because infrared fluorescence detection offers higher sensitivity and inherently lower background due to the lack of infrared fluorescence from most biomolecules. With much wider dynamic range than film, strong and weak bands are accurately detected on the same gel. Bands up to 1000 bp can be resolved since fluorescence is detected as samples move through the gel, rather than after electrophoresis is complete.

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