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Imagers to Use

Digital imaging bypasses the limitations of film that affect your experimental results.

These LI‑COR imaging systems offer a wide linear dynamic range, and accurately record both faint and strong bands. Image clarity and sharpness are enhanced, without blurring or “blow-out” of strong bands. You avoid the darkroom, and your data are already digitized and ready for analysis.


Dual- Mode Imaging System

  • Versatile, multi-modal system
  • Chemiluminescent Western blots
  • Quantitative infrared fluorescent Westerns
  • DNA gel imaging with ethidium bromide
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C‑DiGit® Blot Scanner

Digital Film for Chemi Western Blots

  • Chemiluminescent Western blots
  • Compact, easy-to-use personal imager
  • Affordable quality and performance
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C-DiGit Blot Scanner

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