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Production of the Model 4300 has been discontinued as of January 1, 2014.
Service and support may become limited. Please contact your local sales office.

DNA Sequencing

Since their introduction more than 10 years ago, LI-COR infrared DNA analyzers have been characterized by very long sequencing reads with high accuracy. LI-COR's system delivers 800 bp per sample with 99% accuracy.

But long reads are only part of the story. Protocols like Simultaneous Bi-directional Sequencing (SBS) make DNA sequencing easier by cutting your workload and reducing reagent expense by 50%. Bi-directional reactions include both forward and reverse primers and produce over 1000 bases from each end of a template.

The 4300 DNA analyzer includes basic sequencing software run from a standard Internet browser designed to meet the needs of users who have an occasional need for DNA sequencing. For moderate to high sequencing demands, or just greater ease of use, LI-COR's e-Seq software gives you a higher level of automation, strong editing tools, and automated reporting that exports files to standard databases or submits files for BLAST searches.

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