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Glycoprotein Detection

Examples of Typical Glycan Structures

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With two-color near-infrared detection, the Odyssey® Imagers offers a variety of applications for glycoprotein detection with multiplexing capabilities. Near-infrared wavelengths provide low background from biological materials, buffer components, and standard membranes used in Western and lectin blotting applications. The Odyssey Systems and IRDye® labeled conjugates provide a single optimized solution for detecting a variety of glycoprotein interactions1.

Glycoprotein Detection Types

Several glycoprotein detection types are outlined. Click on links in the flow chart below for more information on any method.

Using Glycoproteins and Coomassie stains for total glycoprotein measurements on the Odyssey. Indirect Lectin Detection Direct Lectin Detection Glycoprotein Antibody Detection Enzymatic Detection

1. Urlacher, T et al. Glycoprotein Applications Using Near-Infrared Detection Poster presentation, (2008)

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