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Direct Detection with an IRDye® Labeled Lectin

Glycoprotein Detection with the Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System

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Lectins can be covalently labeled with IRDye using one of LI-COR's Protein Labeling Kits and used to detect glycoproteins directly.

Detection Cartoon:

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Fetuin was digested with neuraminidase to expose the PNA binding site and resolved on a 10% NEXT Gel (Amresco) using a preparative comb. Following transfer to nitrocellulose, the membrane was placed in the MPX™ Blotting System. Each preparative well was then split into 6 individual MPX channels. PNA conjugates had previously been prepared using LI-COR labeling kits. The MPX channels were incubated with various dilutions of IRDye labeled PNA conjugates (Lane 3: 1:500; Lane 4: 1:1000; Lane 5: 1:5000; Lane 6: 1:10,000) and compared with IRDye biotinylated PNA (Lane 1: biotinylated PNA 1:5000; Lane 2: biotinylated PNA 1:10,000) and detected with IRDye Streptavidin at 1:1000 dilution.

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