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Protein Phosphorylation:
IC50 Determination

Dose titration of Wnt3a treatment of mouse L-cells

Half-maximal activation (EC50) of cellular β-catenin levels occurs at 33 ng/ml ligand.

Hannoush, RN. PLoS One 3(10):e3498 (2008). Creative Commons license 2.5.


Use of cell labeling for ICW normalization

A) HeLa cells were treated with increasing amounts of rapamycin in a 384- well format. Fixed cells were stained with phospho-rpS6 antibody and NHS-ester reactive dye (for cell number). Dose dependent inhibition of phospho-rpS6-staining yielded an IC50 of 224 pM (n=4). B) Raw microplate image.

Hoffman, GR et al. Assay Drug Dev Tech 8(2):186-99 (2010)


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