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Setting up an In-Cell Western Assay in the Image Studio Software

  1. Click the Shapes tab (Fig. 1) to view the Shapes ribbon.
  2. In the Shapes ribbon, at the far left, click the pull-down in the Analysis group and choose In-Cell Western. (Fig. 2)
  3. Note: To apply the In-Cell Western Analysis automatically after image acquisition, click In-Cell Western in the Setup group on the Acquire ribbon when starting the acquisition.

  4. Select 96 Well from the drop-down menu and Circle for the shape type.
  5. Note: This applies to the tutorial image and you will need to choose the appropriate Well template and normalization channel based on your experimental design.

  6. Adjust the well size up or down as needed.
  7. Select 700 as the normalization channel from the drop down dialog in the well definition section.
  8. Define which wells are sample, standard, background or empty using the well types dialog.
  9. Link wells that have identical sample conditions (if appropriate).
  10. Check mark the items you want displayed on the image.

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Shapes Tab in Image Studio

Figure 1. Shapes Tab in Image Studio

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Figure 2.

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