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Protein Phosphorylation:
Timing/Kinetics of Signal Transduction

signal transduction

Kinetics of cellular β-catenin accumulation upon stimulation with Wnt3a

A) Time- and dose-dependent accumulation of cellular β-catenin. L-cells were incubated with Wnt3a, then stained for β-catenin (yellow in merged image) and DNA content (DRAQ5; red). Plates were imaged with Odyssey® Classic Imager. B) Quantification of β-catenin accumulation. Levels were upregulated within 30 min of Wnt3a stimulation, exhibit increased intensity between 6-8 h, and start to plateau after 10 h. Graph shows two independent experiments, each done in quadruplicate.

Hannoush, RN. PLoS ONE 3(10):e3498 (2008). Creative Commons license 2.5.

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