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Infrared Advantage

Cell biologists can now add a new "color" to multi-color imaging, with IRDye® infrared dye reagents. Unlike conventional visible fluorophores, IRDye fluorophores absorb and emit light in the near-infrared (NIR) region of the light spectrum.


The Infrared Advantage:

  • Very low autofluorescence for exceptionally low backgrounds.
  • Lower-energy NIR excitation wavelengths cause less sample damage than visible wavelengths.
  • No spectral overlap with visible dyes.
  • Multiplex and co-localize without concerns about channel cross-talk or overlap.
  • Ability to visualize your NIR-labeled agent in cells or tissue sections.

Very Low Autofluorescence

Primary and secondary antibodies conjugated with LI-COR's IRDye 800CW Infrared Dye produce images with very low background. IRDye 800CW is part of LI-COR's exclusive family of NIR dyes that fluoresce at approximately 800 nm. In some instances, autofluorescence may limit the detection of weak signals with visible fluorophores. Since most biomolecules have very low autofluorescence in the NIR region, IRDye 800CW infrared dye provides a level of performance not available with visible dyes. Bright, clear images with extremely clean backgrounds and excellent sensitivity like those shown are typical with LI-COR's IRDye fluorophores.

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