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Nucleic Acid Gel Documentation


Figure 1. DNA gels imaged on the Odyssey Fc using Ethidium Bromide, SYBR Safe and SYTO 60. The ethidium bromide gel was also documented using Polaroid film to show the comparison.

lambda digest

Figure 2. DNA Gel imaged on the D-DiGit DNA Gel Scanner using SYBR Safe. A 1:2 dilution series of Lambda DNA – BstEII Digest was run on 0.8% agarose gels containing 1X TAE buffer. Lane 1 contains 250 ng of DNA; sample loading volumes decreased progressively down to 2 ng in Lane 8. The gel was stained post-electrophoresis with 1X SYBR Safe (Invitrogen) and imaged on the D-DiGit Gel Scanner using a 6X exposure setting.

After electrophoretic separation of nucleic acid samples, you are ready to stain your DNA gels, image, and analyze. With LI-COR, you have imaging options.

Use the D-DiGitTM Gel Scanner to image and extract DNA bands without concern for UV damage to your DNA samples or the hazards related to UV light and ethidium bromide. You can scan nucleic acid gels (large or small; image area: 17.8 cm x 12.7 cm), excise bands, document your work and analyze your data with this compact, easy-to- use gel scanner and compatible Image StudioTM Lite Software. See the complete list of safe stains compatible with the D-DiGit Scanner.

Use the 600nm channel of Odyssey® Fc to image DNA gels (image area: 10 cm x 12 cm) stained with ethidium bromide, SYBR® Safe, and many other popular DNA stains. This additional light source provides excellent performance and sensitivity for DNA gel documentation and allows flexibility for imaging and band excision. The disposable imaging trays designed for use with the Odyssey Fc prevent contamination of the instrument when using DNA stains.

Use the 700nm channel of Odyssey CLx (image area: 25 cm x 25 cm), Odyssey Sa, or Odyssey Fc (Figure 1) to image DNA gels stained with SYTO® 60 fluorescent nucleic acid stain.

For more information, read the detailed protocol entitled Imaging Nucleic Acids Gels on the Odyssey Fc Imager. You can also refer to SYTO 60 Staining of Nucleic Acids in Gels for protocols on how to use near-infrared fluorescent dyes to stain nucleic acids and image on Odyssey Imaging Systems.

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