DiGit Duo

Digitize Your Research

Bring this cutting-edge, digital scanner technology for protein blot and nucleic acid gel imaging to your lab for just under $10,000.

C-DiGit® Blot Scanner

Get more data out of your chemiluminescent Western blots in a single scan. The C-DiGit Blot Scanner has a wide dynamic range to capture the full range of reaction data without the need for multiple film exposures.

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D-DiGit® DNA Gel Scanner

Make your nucleic acid gel analysis workflow safe and seamless with the D-DiGit DNA Gel Scanner. With a non-UV LED light source and high-sensitivity optics, the D-DiGit Scanner is an all-inclusive platform for visualization, band excision, imaging, and documentation of safe stained DNA and RNA.

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DiGit Duo

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Both the C-DiGit Blot Scanner and D-DiGit DNA Gell Scanner are bundled together with a desktop computer and data acquisition software for your convenience.

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