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Get quick results when you delegate critical lab work to friendly, knowledgeable experts. No training, troubleshooting, or optimizing. Work with an established brand that has developed modern techniques and understands cutting-edge research.

Save time and resources by outsourcing your project. We will work within your budget to meet your deadline. Download our Custom Services brochure to learn about all of our capabilities. And, you can consult directly with a knowledgeable scientist for a free project evaluation.

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Why LI-COR Over Other Contractors?

Our experienced team of scientists will work with you to get the results you need – fast. Known for our innovation and excellence, we give just as much care and attention to detail to your project, from start to finish, as we do our own research.

LI-COR holds dozens of cyanine-based dye patents on composition of matter and methods in the United States and worldwide. We are also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with cGMP capabilities and a BSL–2 laboratory. We have the expertise and the resources to take your project from early phase development to a clinical trial. See our recent news.

“We were very happy with everything and will likely use this service for future programs. I would not hesitate to recommend the service internally and to researchers in my network.”

Christian Cobaugh, Arcturus Therapeutics

Dye Synthesis and cGMP Manufacturing

Dye Manufacturing

Choose the experts in dye development and manufacturing to empower your next discovery. We can manufacture dyes that are perfect for your needs, including cyanine and phthalocyanine dyes. We can also create custom derivations of visible and near-infrared fluorescent dyes, including maleimide, click, amino, hydrazide, and NHS ester functionalizations.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Manufacturing

Our new cGMP suite and our expertise in phthalocyanine and cyanine dye chemistry are the best of both worlds for manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients. For filing your IND application, we will help you with analytical method development, manufacturing protocols, stability studies, and any other information you need.

IRDye® 700DX and IRDye 800CW infrared dyes used in active clinical trials studying head, breast, pancreatic, esophageal, and other cancers.

Pre-Clinical and Early Phase Clinical

Let our expertise move your project to the clinic faster. We can conjugate dyes to your chosen biomolecule for your Phase I or Phase II clinical trials. Our extensive experience and understanding of dye properties for probe labeling will give you an advantage over other contract manufacturers – since LI-COR is already an expert in dye-labeled probes.

Learn more about LI-COR Clinical Translation, which facilitates the use of IRDye 800CW imaging agents in clinical studies for monitoring disease treatment and drug efficacy.

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Label your molecule of interest for drug delivery, cancer therapy, in vivo imaging and other biochemical applications. Get bioconjugated molecules made to order in the amount you need – from milligrams to multi-grams.

Proteins, Antibodies, Peptides and Small Molecules Labeling

We can conjugate functionalized biomolecules with fluorophores, chromophores, and organic linkers. Choose either homobifunctional or heterobifunctional cross-linking chemistries.

Conjugate Polymers

We can produce conjugated bio, organic, or nonorganic polymers and link together polymeric structures, such as nanoparticles or dextran polymers.

Quenched Probes

Our chemists can combine fluorophores and quencher dyes on the same molecule for quenched FRET probes.

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Organic Compound Synthesis

Use these compounds in research, development, or pharmaceutical manufacturing. We can prepare intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, and derivatives of biomolecules. Get organic compounds made to order in the amount you need - from milligrams to multi-grams. We make a variety of small molecule compounds, including substrates, inhibitors, and activators.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Probes

Detecting Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)? We will work with you to design your probe with either visible or near-infrared dyes for use in microscopy, cell based assays and small animal imaging studies. Three ready-to-use fluorescent dye-labeled ROS probes are available and can be used for ex vivo and in vivo imaging.

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Biological Imaging Services

Get the best results in the shortest time. LI-COR offers biological services from Western blot analysis to tissue section imaging in our BSL-2 laboratory. We process, image, and analyze both protein and antibody arrays for both chemiluminescent and near-infrared detection.

Your project will begin with a discussion of your needs. For Western blot imaging, your completed project will include image files for analysis in jpeg, tiff, and png. Image Studio™ files can be viewed and analyzed with Image Studio™ Lite (get your free download at www.licor.com/ISLite), or the full version of Image Studio™ Software.

Western Blot Imaging

No imager? No problem. After you’ve prepared a Western blot with your own reagents, send it to LI-COR for your choice of chemiluminescent or near-infrared fluorescent imaging.

Western Blot Imaging with Near-Infrared Fluorescent Reagents

LI-COR will send you optimized reagents for ten near-infrared fluorescent Western blots, including membranes, blocking buffer, and IRDye® near-infrared secondary antibodies. Prepare your blots, and send the dry blots back to LI-COR for imaging on the Odyssey® CLx near-infrared imaging system.

Tissue Section Imaging

We can also image your tissue sections. Send tissue sections treated with near-infrared fluorophores, and LI-COR will image them with either the Odyssey® CLx imaging system or the Olympus IX81 microscope. Near-infrared imaging is available at 700 nm and 800 nm at a resolution of 21 µm on the Odyssey® CLx imaging system. Additional fluorescent detection channels and resolutions are available using an Olympus IX81 microscope.

Additional Imaging Options

We have two 60X microscopes for tissue imaging of immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry techniques for both visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

Cell based assays (drug/compound screening) along with characterization of your compound in small animals (mice/rats) using bioluminescent- and fluorescent-based approaches are also available.

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Biological Protocol Development

Have LI-COR scientists complete your entire procedure, from start to finish. No need to troubleshoot protocols, or optimize reagents and instruments. We will develop an optimized Western blot or In-Cell Western protocol and perform the experiments for you.

Any of these optimized Western blot or In-Cell Western™ protocols can be used for QC protocols, even in a regulated environment. A 21 CFR part 11 ready version of Image Studio Software is available for the Odyssey® CLx imaging system, the Odyssey® Fc imaging system, and the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner. For more information on available services, visit Regulatory Products and Services.

Western Blotting Protocol

Send your samples and primary antibodies to LI-COR. We will perform the entire Western blotting experiments with your choice of chemiluminescent or near-infrared fluorescent imaging.

In-Cell Western Assay Protocol

Cell-based assays, like In-Cell Westerns, are powerful tools to study signaling pathways, the effects of drug components, and compound screenings. Send your samples and primary antibodies to LI-COR, and we will develop an optimized In-Cell Western protocol for your needs.

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Custom Small Scale Manufacturing

  • Modify the packaging of existing products to meet your lab’s needs
  • Change quantities for liquid reagents (scale-up)
  • Freeze-dry any liquid reagent (lyophilization)
  • Customize reagent formulations, such as adding detergent to buffers
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Sample Analysis and Characterization

Fully characterize your molecules of interest with our analytical services, and determine the quantum yield and extinction coefficient of your compounds.

Available analytical techniques include:

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) – UV or near-infrared
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Fluorometry
  • Water Analysis (Karl Fischer method)

Our qualified stability chambers allow compound stability studies, ensuring your compound can resist changes in its environment such as relative humidity and temperature. Stability studies also help you determine your compound’s long-term shelf life.

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