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Research Toward a Cure

Research Toward a Cure is part of an ongoing effort by LI-COR Biosciences to develop research tools that enhance scientists' technical capabilities and advance cancer research. Currently, thousands of LI-COR systems are being used in laboratories around the globe for advanced research and drug development. This website highlights examples of applications and techniques where infrared fluorescence detection contributes to the understanding of cancer and the search for cures.

LI-COR IRDye® Infrared Dye products are at the forefront of innovation in fluorescence detection. They serve as an enabling technology for a variety of in vivo, membrane, and gel-based applications that are important for cancer research. IRDye Infrared Dyes are optimized for use with our suite of infrared imaging instruments and analysis software systems, which are widely used in cancer research.

Six Hallmarks of Cancer

Applications of LI-COR Biosciences' Image Detection Systems

Our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the growth of cancer cells has improved dramatically in the last few decades. We can now pinpoint several characteristic physical and functional traits that distinguish cancer cells from normal cells. These traits enable transformed cells to bypass normal regulatory processes and divide in an uncontrolled manner. On the following pages, we describe the six hallmarks of cancer cells and illustrate how LI-COR Biosciences' infrared technology is being used by researchers to gradually unravel the physiological mysteries of cancer.

Hanahan and Weinberg2 also described several important "emerging hallmarks" and "enabling characteristics".

  • Deregulation of Cellular Energetics
  • Avoidance of Immune Destruction
  • Genome Instability and Mutation
  • Tumor-Promoting Inflammation

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