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Science Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG)

Bring Life to Your Lecture

Engaging Lectures and Innovative Research

Increase engagement and develop students’ lab skills by incorporating advanced life science technology into your curriculum. The Science Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) Program awards matching grants for research instrumentation used in undergraduate education.

A limited number of matching fund grants are available to eligible academic institutions. The SURG program provides 40% of the matching funds from LI-COR Biosciences, with your institution providing the other 60%. Get the tools you need to take your teaching and research further with SURG.

C-DiGit® Chemiluminescent Blot Scanner

Improve your students’ classroom and lab experience at an unbeatable price. This compact, affordable scanner is perfect for capturing reliable ECL data without any darkroom hassles. The C-DiGit SURG package includes a C-DiGit Blot Scanner with a two-year warranty, online installation and training, Image Studio software, and a chemiluminescence Western blot starter kit. Awards will be limited to the first 100 qualified applicants.

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“I think my students pretty much fight to be able to use it."

Dr. Kevin Morano, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Texas

“Students who were used to working in the darkroom now prefer to work on the C-DiGit Scanner.”

Dr. Rosemary Schuh, University of Maryland School of Medicine

C-DiGit Blot Scanner

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