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We recognize the challenges of working in a lab with social distancing measures in place. To help you take the time your important research needs, we have extended the Empiria Studio free trial to 120 days.

Created with high impact journals to get you reliable Western blot results

Grant and publisher recommendations provide the best foundation for getting robust Western blot results.

That’s why we developed Empiria Studio Software with the help of publishers and incorporated the NIH Guidelines for Scientific Record Keeping. New automation methods make sure that all users achieve consistent results after analyzing images on the Odyssey® Imager. These results are then recorded and stored, thanks to Empiria Studio’s new Electronic Notebook function. Together, these new features and integrated publisher recommendations ensure that your analysis and results conform to accepted Western blotting standards.

Validate, Analyze, Replicate, Share

Empiria Studio is the only software that provides reliable answers at every step of the process.

With Empiria Studio, you have the ability to analyze validation blots, determine target protein expression, compare replicates, perform statistical analysis, and share your results using one software package.

Empiria Studio Software Workflow

Automatic Lane Detection

Find lanes automatically in Empiria Studio
with a patent-pending lane detection method.

When using Adaptive Lane Finding (ALF) instead of manual methods, analysis is accelerated and variability from manual lane placement is completely eliminated. With this automation, user-to-user consistency and data reliability are also greatly improved. Analyze up to 26 lanes and multiple channel images with up to two targets per channel. ALF works in conjunction with Adaptive Background Subtraction (ABS) to improve total protein stain quantification and help produce reliable Western blot results.

Graph for adaptive lane finding with Empiria Studio was more consistent than local and global background-correction
Data image for adaptive lane finding with Empiria Studio was more consistent than local and global background-correction
Quantitative analysis with Empiria Studio was more reproducible than manual and traditional lane finding methods. In a comparative study, nine different researchers quantified lanes from six Western blot images using a variety of lane finding methods. Researchers were all experienced in traditional Western blot analysis. Variability of background-corrected lane intensity, expressed as the mean % CV of the quantitative results for each lane, was compared for each lane finding method. The mean for each method is represented by a black horizontal bar. Adapted from the Adaptive Western Blot Analysis White Paper.

Background Subtraction

Quantification in Empiria Studio uses a patented background subtraction method optimized for consistency.

We call it “Adaptive Background Subtraction” (ABS) because it adapts to the unique background in each image and subtracts background automatically. Because you do not choose a background subtraction method, variability caused by subjective background subtraction choices is eliminated and results among multiple researchers are consistent.

Graph for Quantitative analysis with Empiria Studio was more consistent than local and global background subtraction
Data image for Quantitative analysis with Empiria Studio was more consistent than local and global background subtraction
Quantitative analysis with Empiria Studio was more consistent than local and global background subtraction. Multiple users analyzed the designated bands (arrowheads on the image) using local, global/user-defined, and Empiria Studio Adaptive Background Subtraction. Variability of background-corrected band intensity, expressed as the mean % CV of the quantitative results for that image, was compared for each background subtraction method. In this figure from the Adaptive Western Blot Analysis White Paper, faint bands were surrounded by background in sample lanes. The graph shows the mean CV for each method (error bars show standard deviation, n = 6).
List of Experiments in Empiria Studio Software

Start Strong and Stay Organized

Analysis with Empiria Studio starts simply — just create a Project.

Project-based organization allows you to quickly find and share experimental data and related validation data. Empiria Studio will even remind you if your Project is missing validation data that publishers require.


Validation is a Great Foundation

Empiria Studio has easy-to-follow analysis workflows for the validation experiments necessary to get reliable results.

Empiria Studio Software antibody validation screen

Antibody Validation

Without an Antibody Validation, you can’t be sure your primary antibody is specific and selective to the expected target.

Empiria Studio Software combined linear range determination screen

Combined Linear Range Determination

Without a Combined Linear Range Determination, you can’t be sure that you are loading the correct protein amount to accurately measure changes in protein expression.

Empiria Studio Software antibody validation Housekeeping protein validation screen

Housekeeping Protein Validation

If you’re using a housekeeping protein as an internal loading control, you’ll want to make sure its expression isn’t altered by conditions in your experiment. So Empiria Studio has a workflow for Housekeeping Protein Validation, too.

Empiria Studio Software Calculations Screen

No More Analysis Paralysis

Once you’ve validated that your experimental design is robust, it’s time to run experiments and analyze your blots.

With Empiria Studio, target protein data are automatically normalized (based on the type of internal loading control you used) and vital statistical values are automatically calculated.

At the end of a target analysis, Empiria Studio will calculate your fold change and automatically create a chart with the data. You can see results within minutes and confidently draw conclusions — using one software package. No more need for spreadsheets, graphing software, or word processing in your Western blot analysis and reporting process.

Replicate, Replicate, Replicate

Replicate samples and blots let you show that your results are robust and meaningful.

Empiria Studio lets you compare replicate samples on the same blot or across multiple blots to determine fold change, percent change, standard deviation, and other statistics. Now you can get the Western blot results you care about in one software package — without the uncertainty and hassle of formulas and spreadsheets!

Empiria Studio Software Scatter plot screen
Empiria Studio Software publish and share illustration

Publish and Share with All Who Care

No scientist is an island, so Empiria Studio makes it easy to share files and findings with your PI, colleagues, and publishers.

  • Export PDF reports with images, data tables, graphs, and Adobe® Sign electronic signatures.
  • Export raw data as a CSV file or as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Export blot images and graphs in the format publishers need.
  • Export all the contents of a Project — images, data, experimental details, results — in a single file that you can share with colleagues who have Empiria Studio.

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Empiria Studio analyzes Quantitative Western blot images acquired on an Odyssey® Imager.

Empiria Studio Software Price
9141-500E 1 User License $199.00 199.00 € £179.00
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Empiria Studio requires a minimum of 8 GB of RAM; 64-bit versions of Windows 10; Mac OS High Sierra or Mojave.

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