Welcome to the Empiria Studio Software Help!

Explore the infographic below to learn about Empiria Studio Software.

Step 1.

Start Project

A Project is used to store related Experiments. An Experiment can be either a Validation or a Target Analysis.

Tip: Keep related Validations and Target Analyses together in a Project to ensure your data are organized when it’s time to publish.

Step 2.


Validations are required to ensure your Quantitative Western blot results will accurately reflect the changes you are trying to measure.

Antibody Validation

Linear range

Total protein stain and target

Housekeeping protein and target

Internal reference and target

Housekeeping protein validation

Housekeeping protein comparison to reference protein

Housekeeping protein validation with a total protein stain

Step 3.


Once you have completed the appropriate Validations, begin the Analysis workflow that corresponds to the internal loading control you used for normalization.

Normalization using a total protein stain

Normalization using a housekeeping protein

Normalization using a post-translation modification

Step 4.


Compare replicate Target Analyses to get statistically significant results and your final answer.

Step 5.


Create a Publication pack to share multiple Experiments with publishers and colleagues. Validations are valuable supplementary data and can be included as well.