Client Configuration

Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11 Client (Version 5.4.x) System Requirements

The Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11 client requires the same minimum hardware configuration as the full version of Image Studio Software.

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Minimum display resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Windows 10
  • Must have IPv6 enabled for instrument communications
  • Network Interface Card
  • A second Network Interface Card is required for optimal instrument communication when the instrument is not located on the local network.
  • A configuration file exists on the client that will configure the client to communicate with the server's IP address/port. These configuration files must be present in the following locations for the Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11 client to function properly.

    C:\Program Files\Licor\Image Studio

    • 21cfr11.config
    • IS_keystore_client.p12

    C:\Program Files\Licor\Image Studio\Keys

    • LICOR-21-CFR-11.lke

Client Setup Information

  • Image Studio 5.4.x includes private Java installation version 17.
  • The client saves event logs, error logs, and some temporary files at C:\users\<windows login name>\.licor\Image Studio\temporary. No image data, analysis data, user logs, or sample log data are stored on client drives.

  • Image Studio Lab Books, Excel spreadsheets, and publication images can be exported to local or other network drives. Exported files are outside of Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11 control.