System Overview

The LI‑COR® Odyssey® CLx Imager, Odyssey DLx Imager, Odyssey Fc Imager, and Odyssey XF Imager connect directly to the Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11 client. The Image Studio client connects to a network with access to the Server Host. Data are stored on the server and clients must request data from the Server Host through an authenticated connection. The Server Host passes requested data to the client once the request has been verified against the user's credentials and configured data access.

The System Management Tool is housed on the server and is used to manage the Server Host. The System Management Tool is accessed through a browser and access is password protected.

System Diagram

Server Description

  • Maintains images
  • Maintains image metadata
  • Maintains analysis data
  • Maintains user access information including passwords
  • Maintains user and sample logs
  • Notifies system manager about alerts

System Manager Tool Description

The System Management Tool is run through a browser connected to the server.

The System Management Tool:

  • Adds and deactivates user accounts
  • Sets actions and roles
  • Sets user access
  • Sets password requirements and other configurations
  • Sets temporary passwords and resets passwords
  • Reviews user logs

Image Studio Client

The client connects to the server for all data access. The server restricts access based on the configuration set in the System Management Tool.

  • Used by Analysts and Supervisors
  • Collects images from the instrument
  • Analyzes images
  • Submit/Approve changes