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How are your peers benefiting from the latest digital imaging technologies?

Read about their accomplishments in the Lab Spotlights below.

"I started just using the C-DiGit Scanner myself, but now everybody wants to use it."

"We have this tandem of Odyssey and Pearl Imaging Systems that is perfect for our work in theranostics."

"You can use the red and green colors together to see the total amount of protein and the phosphorylation, to analyze both of them on the same blot.

— Dr. Andreas von Knethen

"Instead of getting two or three different instruments for imaging Western blots, agarose gels, SDS-PAGE gels, and other assays, we purchased a single instrument that can be used for all of these applications."

— Dr. Rick Page

"I try to avoid going to the darkroom at all costs, which is why I was so thankful when the C-DiGit Scanner came on the market."

— Dr. Rosemary Schuh

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