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LI-COR Introduces SmartFlow Anesthesia and Surgical Suites for in vivo Imaging Applications

October 7, 2010, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR® Biosciences introduces a multi-mode inhalation Anesthesia Suite for small animal, in vivo research. The new, SmartFlow system features an innovative design that ensures accurate gas flow for up to five different lines with the simple flip of a switch. This allows the system to deliver accurate flow to multiple breathing systems in a lab.

"This eliminates the complex and error prone calculations required on manual systems associated with adjusting the flow rates for multiple breathing systems," says Jeff Harford, LI-COR product manager. "Unlike traditional systems, the SmartFlow system accurately controls the flow rate of oxygen for each breathing device, which reduces overall costs by more efficient use of oxygen and Isoflurane."

The system accommodates an induction chamber plus up to four other breathing units. The new Anesthesia Suite pairs with LI-COR systems for small animal imaging including its Pearl® Impulse small animal imager, Pearl Docking Station, SmartFlow Surgical Suite, and Odyssey MousePOD® accessory.

The LI-COR SmartFlow Surgical Suite is a new companion accessory for in vivo research. This system is designed to work with the Anesthesia Suite, allowing mice to be safely and easily kept warm and anesthetized during preparation and surgical procedures.

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