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Affordable, Easy-to-Use Bioluminescence Imaging Now Available to Researchers

Lincoln, NE: Researchers can now perform reliable small animal bioluminescence imaging with the new Pearl® Trilogy System. LI-COR Biosciences pioneered two-channel near-infrared imaging for small animal imaging with its Pearl® Imager. Now, this proven platform expands in vivo imaging capabilities with the addition of a bioluminescent detection channel. The new Pearl Trilogy Imaging System delivers multi-target imaging options, one-button acquisition, and intuitive, easy-to-use analysis software to get labs up and running quickly.

“This next step in the evolution of our small animal imaging system lets users have even more flexibility for their research,” says Jeff Harford, LI-COR senior product manager. “The two-channel Pearl is already known for delivering trusted data, now the Trilogy enhances in vivo imaging capacity for labs.”

The Pearl Trilogy Imager continues to use FieldBrite™ Xi2 technology for the most sensitive two-color near-infrared fluorescence small animal imaging available. The optical system allows for accurate detection of smaller and deeper targets in a single acquisition without concern for saturation.

“Not only were we able to add the bioluminescent channel to an already compact and space-saving instrument, we will be offering field retro-fits on some of our existing Pearl imagers,” says Harford.

Pearl Trilogy is part of a complete solution for in vivo imaging from LI-COR that includes BrightSite™ Small Animal Imaging Agents. These validated near-infrared fluorescent probes target tumors, bone, and lymphatics, and are used for other in vivo applications. Compatible with most small-animal imaging systems, BrightSite™ agents afford sensitive detection in the animal with a proven track record of peer-reviewed publications. In addition, IRDye® 800CW and IRDye 700DX near-infrared dyes are currently being used in clinical translation research applications.

LI-COR® Biosciences offers imaging platforms, analysis software, and optimized IRDye® infrared dye reagents for quantitative protein analysis and small animal imaging. LI-COR provides complete digital solutions for both chemiluminescent and infrared fluorescent Western blot imaging, including instrumentation, IRDye® dye-labeled secondary antibodies, protein markers, and chemiluminescent Western reagents.

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