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DNA Detection Now Available with Odyssey® Fc Imager

December 15, 2011, Lincoln, NE: The Odyssey Fc Imaging System from LI-COR Biosciences now features a 600 nm channel. This new feature comes as an addition to the existing superior two-channel infrared (700 nm and 800 nm) and chemiluminescent detection capabilities of the Odyssey Fc.

The 600 nm channel offers users the ability to image ethidium bromide and the SYBR® family of DNA stains for agarose gel imaging. The user can image DNA gels in disposable trays to maintain a high level of lab safety and to avoid instrument contamination. The 600 nm channel does not use harmful ultraviolet light, offering a safer alternative for downstream DNA applications.

"The new 600 nm channel adds to the versatility of the Odyssey Fc," says Jeff Harford, LI-COR senior marketing product manager. "Our customers will now be able to add DNA gel documentation to the chemiluminescent and infrared-based quantitative Western blots already performed in their labs."

The Odyssey Fc Imaging System advances Western blot technology by offering a streamlined approach to chemiluminescence with the accurate quantification of infrared fluorescence. The Odyssey Fc represents the only laser-based imaging system on the market that incorporates the advantages of chemiluminescent detection.

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