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LI-COR Introduces New Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System

Quantitative Westerns and ICW Analysis using a convenient plate reading format

December 17, 2010, Lincoln, NE: The Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging System offers the advantages of infrared imaging and the flexibility to handle both plate-based assays and quantitative Western blots. The Odyssey Sa is a new addition to the popular line of Odyssey Imaging Systems from LI-COR. For walk-away automation with plate-based assays, the Odyssey Sa can be configured to work with a 30- or 50-plate automated stacking system.

"The Odyssey Sa also accepts individual membranes or gels providing an affordable solution for labs doing quantitative Western blots and In-Cell Western analysis," says Margaret Dentlinger, LI-COR product manager. "Odyssey Sa features the same two-channel infrared detection specifications performance as the more versatile Odyssey Infrared Imager. It offers the same excellent sensitivity and broad dynamic range."

The Odyssey Sa Imager is compatible with the BioTek® BioStack Automated Microplate Stacking System (either 30-plate or 50-plate configurations) when installed with the Odyssey Sa Express Software for automated plate readouts. For repetitive runs, scanning is as simple as choosing an express run template that defines scanning and analysis for up to 30 or 50 plates. Odyssey Sa COM software is available to allow the Odyssey Sa to be controlled through an independent robotic system.

LI-COR also recently introduced the Odyssey Fc Imaging System, which combines dual-channel infrared fluorescent and chemiluminescent imaging for Western Bots in one system.

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