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LI‑COR Updates Odyssey Application Software with User-Requested Enhancements

March, 2008: LI‑COR Biosciences introduces Odyssey® 3.0 Application Software for use on its Odyssey Infrared Imaging System. The Odyssey, combined with LI‑COR IRDye® infrared dyes provides a complete solution for Western blot imaging. Additionally the Odyssey System provides an excellent solution for cell-based assays, protein arrays, DNA staining, in vivo imaging, and tissue section imaging. LI‑OR systems feature multiplex, direct fluorescent detection for faster, more precise analysis, and accurate quantification.

More than 30 enhancements are now incorporated into the software in response to user requests. New features include:

  • Navigation of the user interface and naming of files is now easier and more intuitive, with a hierarchical view of folders and directories similar to Windows Explorer
  • Report functions have been rewritten to make report generation faster and easier to use. In addition, creating report templates has been simplified, and a new report toolbar gives easy access to the report functions
  • A number of changes have been made to the scan procedure. The scanner console now has a Preview button allowing a user to create a low resolution, preview image in a fraction of the time that a high resolution scan typically requires
  • Scanner settings window now has an Auto Detect button that automatically finds Odyssey scanners on the network, making network setup simpler
  • Many of the administrative functions found in Odyssey Server Software are now available in Odyssey Application Software, making it easier to perform system diagnostic tests, administer user accounts, and perform instrument troubleshooting
  • The In‑Cell Western™ setup window is now used to enable Z’‑Factor calculations. The Z’‑actor can be a valuable tool in assessing assay quality during assay optimization.

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