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LI-COR Introduces CellVue® Dye Kits for Fluorescent Labeling of Cell Membranes

Mar. 3, 2009, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR Biosciences in partnership with Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc (MTTI) introduces two new fluorescent imaging kits for cell membrane labeling. The kits use proprietary labeling technology comprising a CellVue® Dye and a cell labeling diluent to rapidly and stably integrate dye into the phospholipid membrane of cells or other membrane-containing bioparticles by non-covalent interactions. Cells can be analyzed immediately and labeled cells can be tracked for an extended period of time because the dyes are incorporated rapidly and maintained stably through strong hydrophobic interactions. The CellVue® dyes provide the researcher with valuable tools for a multitude of both in vivo and in vitro cell studies when fluorescent membrane labels for tracking and identification of cells are required.

The CellVue® dyes are provided in an easy to use kit format comprised of a solution of the dye in ethanol and a cell labeling diluent designed to maintain cell viability while maximizing solubility and staining efficiency. The simple membrane labeling protocol provided with the kit is applicable to almost any type of cell or organism. The excitation and emission properties of CellVue® Burgundy and CellVue NIR815 dyes are compatible with LI-COR's Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System and the Pearl® Imager, a new small animal imaging platform as well as a range of commercially available near-infrared fluorescent plate readers, flow cytometers, in vivo and in vitro fluorescent imaging systems, and confocal microscopes.

About LI-COR Biosciences

LI-COR® Biosciences is a leading manufacturer of near-infrared imaging systems and LI-COR IRDye® infrared dye reagents for quantitative Western Blotting, small animal imaging, and DNA fragment analysis. The company also offers accessories and reagents for other detection types. LI-COR pioneered the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing and today provides systems for drug discovery, protein research, small animal imaging, and undergraduate training.

LI-COR instruments for photosynthesis, carbon dioxide analysis and light measurement are recognized worldwide for standard-setting innovation in plant science research and environmental monitoring. Founded in 1971, the privately held company is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, with subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom. LI-COR systems are used in over 100 countries and are supported by a global network of distributors.

About Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc.

Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. (MTTI) is a privately held US based Biotechnology Company founded to develop novel medical imaging products for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and cancer. In addition, MTTI develops fluorescent probes and other research tools for use by the research community. Current research reagent product lines include CellVue®, NeuroVue®, SRfluorTM (novel proprietary fluorescent squaraine-rotaxane dyes with excellent fluorescence properties) and novel immobilized steroid beads.

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