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LI-COR Combines Quantitative Western Near-Infrared and Chemiluminescent Detection in One System

April 18, 2010, Lincoln, NE and Washington D.C.: LI-COR Biosciences premiers its new Odyssey® Fc Imaging System at the American Association of Cancer Research meeting in Washington, D.C. The Odyssey Fc is designed for membrane- and gel-based Western blot applications.

"The Odyssey Fc is unique because it offers true quantitative Western blot analysis using near-infrared detection and eliminates the darkroom for chemiluminescent users," says Margaret Dentlinger, LI-COR marketing product manager. "The Odyssey Fc offers researchers simultaneous detection of three protein targets, two by near infrared (NIR) fluorescent detection and one by chemiluminescent detection for even more flexibility."

The Odyssey Fc is similar to the well-established Odyssey Infrared Imaging System in that it allows for two-color scanning with NIR for simultaneous detection of two protein targets or the use of one channel for normalization.

"The Odyssey Fc Imaging System is designed for labs that need both chemiluminescent and near-infrared detection specifically for membrane and gel-based applications," says Dentlinger. "In contrast, the Odyssey Infrared Imager is better suited for labs that require a broader range of applications including micro well plates, protein arrays, tissue section slides, or that want to do in vivo imaging with the optional Odyssey MousePod® accessory."

The Odyssey Fc Imaging System is expected to be available to researchers in the summer of 2010.

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