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R&D Systems Now Using LI-COR IRDye Infrared Dyes in Antibody Arrays

April 26, 2012, Lincoln, NE: R&D Systems is now offering Proteome Profiler 96 Infrared Antibody Arrays that utilize IRDye® 800CW Streptavidin from LI-COR Biosciences. These multiplex kits also use a 96-well microplate pre-spotted with up to 16 different capture antibodies and an HRP-conjugated detection antibody to detect the relative phosphorylation of multiple kinases in a single sample of cell lysate. Fluorescent signals are measured using a LI-COR Odyssey® infrared imaging system, such as the Odyssey CLx, Odyssey Sa, or a compatible infrared imaging system.

"Near-infrared fluorescence provides enhanced fluorescence sensitivity and more accurate quantitation," says Jim Wiley, LI-COR senior strategic marketing manager. "We are happy to offer the best dye technology to both our and R&D Systems' customers through the Proteome Profiler 96 Infrared Antibody Arrays."

These multiplex kits use an ELISA-based format for the high-throughput analysis of protein kinase phosphorylation and feature an array in each well of a 96-well microplate. These are complete kits that include a pre-spotted 96-well microplate and all necessary reagents, also requiring only a small sample size (5-50 μg of cell lysate).

"We are excited to team up with LI-COR to expand our Proteome Profiler 96 Antibody Array product offerings with kits that are compatible with the LI-COR Odyssey infrared imaging system," says Greta Wegner, R&D Systems scientist and array group manager.

R&D Systems is a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of bioactive proteins, antibodies, and assay kits that are made available to biomedical researchers and clinical research laboratories. The company is the most referenced manufacturer of immunoassays in the scientific literature and has over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing assays for the detection and quantification of proteins in biological samples. Visit R&D Systems' website for more information:

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