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New Stain Increases Ease of Use for In-Cell Western Normalization

May 5, 2013, Lincoln, NE: The new CellTag™ 700 Stain from LI-COR is a near-infrared fluorescent, non-specific cell stain that provides accurate normalization to cell number for In-Cell Western (ICW) applications. CellTag 700 Stain is detected in the 700 nm channel of infrared imaging systems, like the Odyssey® family of imaging systems.

CellTag 700 Stain allows for normalization across the same range of cell densities as Sapphire700™ and DRAQ5™ combined, and enables accurate measurement of target protein levels when used with an IRDye® 800CW secondary antibody.

"CellTag 700 Stain is an easy-to-use alternative to past methods, so researchers will no longer have to combine multiple reagents to normalize well-to-well variations in cell number," says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. "Additionally, our new CellTag 700 Stain ICW Kits are the most economical method of normalization for ICW assays."

CellTag 700 Stain ICW Kits include CellTag 700 Stain, Odyssey Blocking Buffer, and an IRDye 800CW secondary antibody. To learn more about CellTag 700 Stain and the kits, visit

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