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New Primary Antibody Offers Normalization for Low-Expressing Proteins

August 2, 2012, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR® releases its COX IV primary antibody that can be used for detection of cytochrome c oxidase as a normalization antibody for normalizing low-expressing target proteins when performing two-color Western blot detection.

LI-COR's COX IV, with a target molecular weight of 17 kDa, is a low-abundance target that allows for linear detection with high concentrations of lysate and has been rigorously validated for two-color detection.

"The new COX IV primary antibody is ideal for researchers who prefer to load greater than 15µg per lane of total protein, as it maintains its linearity at higher concentrations, making it ideal for normalization," says Shawn Mischnick, LI-COR technical product specialist. "Our customers will see very valuable functionality from this new reagent."

COX IV primary antibody is detected when used with IRDye® Goat Anti-Rabbit or IRDye Donkey Anti-Rabbit secondary antibodies. It is not suitable for detection of COX IV derived from a mouse, but does work well with human, rabbit, monkey, zebrafish, bovine, and pig. For more information about ordering the new COX IV primary antibody, contact or visit

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