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LI-COR Offers Custom Dye Labeling Services

August 8, 2013, Lincoln, Nebraska: LI-COR now offers custom dye labeling and synthesis services, allowing researchers to contract with LI-COR to label proteins, antibodies, peptides, and small molecules. These services assist researchers with unmet needs that go beyond LI-COR's basic offerings.

Each LI-COR custom service offers the choice of a dye or quencher from the LI-COR portfolio of IRDye® infrared dyes and VRDye™ visible fluorescence dyes. In addition, LI-COR offers ROS (reactive oxygen species) probes, protocol development, and custom derivation of fluorescent dyes.

"By leveraging our years of experience in near infrared dye conjugation and fluorescence detection, we are able to expand our product offerings to include non-catalog items and projects," says Dr. Peter Johnson, LI-COR senior field application scientist and innovations manager.

LI-COR will provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) at the request of the customer with every order that may include HPLC purity, Mass Spec and NMR analysis, extinction coefficient, final concentration, free dye determination and dye-to-protein ratio, depending on the requested synthesis or conjugation.

To learn more about Custom Labeling and Synthesis Services and to request a product, visit

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