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LI-COR Announces IRDye® 800CW Near-Infrared Dye Manufactured for Use in Drug Development

September 8, 2010, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR Biosciences announces it has completed manufacturing of IRDye 800CW near-infrared dye under a GMP process. This is considered a key step toward translating near-infrared contrast agents into clinical use.

"We are excited to be able to provide IRDye 800CW near-infrared dye to our collaborators who are developing targeted probes for clinical molecular imaging," says Kurt Timmerman, PhD, LI-COR associate director for translational research. "One of the most promising areas for IRDye 800CW labeled contrast agents will be image-guided surgery and lymph node staging."

LI-COR announced the formation of its Translational Research group in June of 2010 to facilitate the use of its IRDye 800CW-labeled imaging agents in clinical studies for detection of disease and its progression and for monitoring treatment and drug efficacy.

IRDye 800CW has been conjugated to a variety of preclinical targeting agents by leading molecular imaging laboratories developing translatable agents. Unlike the clinically approved form of indocyanine green (ICG, Cardiogreen®), which cannot be attached to biomolecules, IRDye 800CW is easily conjugated to targeting agents.

For more information on licensing and supply agreements for IRDye 800CW near-infrared dye contact us at or visit the LI-COR web site..

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