Enhance your targeted therapeutics research

Targeted therapeutics development can be challenging. To help alleviate its complexity, expert Dr. Gretchen Hubbard, a Senior Solutions and Support Scientist and the Cell-Based Assays Leader at LI-COR Biosciences, presents several important ways you can effectively reach your scientific goals. You can therefore minimize any use of valuable resources and spend more time pursuing and prioritizing your work.

In this webinar, learn about the different ways that therapeutic assays are being used in current research initiatives around the world. Gain a better understanding of how preclinical research can guide you through the process of targeted therapeutics development. Then see how you can maximize your own research with LI-COR, whose innovative technology and team of experts can help you continue advancing science every step of the way.


Dr. Summers

Gretchen Hubbard, PhD
Senior Solutions and Support Scientist and Cell-Based Assays Leader at LI-COR Biosciences.

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